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The European Cruise Council (ECC) has estimated that the number of passengers in the current season will increase by 16% compared with 2011 and reach 1 million 490 thousand people. Mon, 06 Aug 2012 22:56:40 +0100 Norwegian: free cruises for children http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0199/norwegian-kids-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0199/norwegian-kids-en.html Norwegian Cruise Line, the third-largest cruise company in the world, announced a special offer – “Kids Sail Free”. As part of the offer potential customers will be able to book on favorable terms cabins on the cruise ships for themselves and their children – the third and fourth beds in the cabin for the children under 17 years can be booked for free. Thu, 19 Jul 2012 20:27:40 +0100 Hurtigruten advertisement was banned in China http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0198/hurtigruten-china-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0198/hurtigruten-china-en.html Norway Hurtigruten, one of the most famous cruise operators in the world, which offers cruises to the fjords, faced unforeseen difficulties when promoting its product in China. Hurtigruten advertising campaign was simply banned by the Chinese authorities. Mon, 16 Jul 2012 23:09:30 +0100 Ships for the Viking Ocean Cruises will be built in Italy http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0197/viking-ocean-finc-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0197/viking-ocean-finc-en.html It took Viking Ocean Cruises and Fincantieri shipyard several months of negotiations to come to the final agreement to build two super luxurious cruise liners. Sun, 15 Jul 2012 18:15:20 +0100 Cruises in Turkey are getting more popular http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0196/cruises-turkey-up-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0196/cruises-turkey-up-en.html Today Turkish cruise industry is on the rise. Such conclusion derives from the Izmir Seatrade Turkish Cruise Forum, where were presented the latest achievements in the field of tourist sea traveling. Sun, 15 Jul 2012 18:08:20 +0100 Cruises in Europe 2012: 53 liners from the Caribbean http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0193/cruises-europe-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0193/cruises-europe-en.html In addition to the Caribbean European cruise lines will receive ships from other regions of the world. South America has already contributed to the European fleet with 19 ships, while Africa and Asia - 7. Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:18:00 +0100 P&O Cruises: 175 years in Southampton http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0192/po-cruises-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0192/po-cruises-en.html One of the oldest cruise companies in the UK - P&O Cruises - marks its 175 anniversary. Celebrations, dedicated to this date, were held in the main English port of Southampton on July 3, 2012. Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:13:00 +0100 Morocco refused to host a gay cruise http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0190/gay-cruise-malaga-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0190/gay-cruise-malaga-en.html Recently Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship from the Holland America lines had to change the route of its cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship had to go to the port of Malaga after abandoning the plan to visit Casablanca. The liner’s crew changed the course after the government of Morocco refused to host the ship, which was carrying more than 1,500 gay men. Sun, 08 Jul 2012 21:57:50 +0100 Will the famous liner become a hotel? http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0189/liner-hotel-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0189/liner-hotel-en.html The famous liner Queen Elizabeth 2, which fate has long been uncertain, seems to have received the second birth, this time as a hotel. Queen Elizabeth 2 will not longer operate any sea cruises. Sun, 08 Jul 2012 21:54:50 +0100 Cruises in South America: new ship for Silversea http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0185/cruise-silversea-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0185/cruise-silversea-en.html Now Silversea has additional opportunities for organizing cruises near the west coast of South America. The company, which operates several luxurious vessels, in mid-June reported about purchasing of the Canodros SA travel company. Together with the company Silversea also has also acquired exploring ship Galapagos Explorer II. Fri, 29 Jun 2012 22:02:40 +0100 Regent Seven Seas plans to build a new liner http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0181/regent-cruises-new-line-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0181/regent-cruises-new-line-en.html Luxury cruise operator Regent Seven Seas plans to construct a new liner. It was reported by the Cruise Critic portal with reference to the Regent Seven Seas president Mark Conroy. Sun, 24 Jun 2012 20:22:10 +0100 New cruises on the French rivers from AmaWaterways http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0180/ama-water-france-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0180/ama-water-france-en.html AmaWaterways cruise company has introduced its new cruise lines for 2013. At least two new cruises as part of the Rivers of France program will be offered by AmaWaterways in the "heart of France". Sat, 23 Jun 2012 21:40:40 +0100 Cruises in Germany: Deutschland is no longer German http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0178/germany-deutschland-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0178/germany-deutschland-en.html Germany has lost the last big liner. However, the loss is not catastrophic. The famous ship MS Deutschland just has decided to change the flag. From now on the ship will operate under the Maltese flag. Mon, 18 Jun 2012 22:18:00 +0100 Naked sea cruise http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0177/sea-nude-cruises-en.html http://www.cruise-profi.com/174/2012-0177/sea-nude-cruises-en.html In February 2013 Carnival Cruise operator plans to open a cruise season for new ideas. Carnival Freedom ship will depart for an eight-day trip through the Panama Canal. Mon, 18 Jun 2012 22:11:10 +0100