Schelde River Cruises - experience nature and culture

A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, nature and big-city adventure, exciting experience and easy-going relaxation: this is what Schelde River Cruises have to offer. You will be delighted by the homely riverboats and high levels of on-board comfort and service.

The Schelde River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Schelde is 360 kilometres long and flows through the countries of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It rises in Gouy in France and discharges into the North Sea in the Netherlands. The best time for a Schelde River Cruise is in the months of May to September.

Schelde River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

No Schelde River Cruise would be complete without a visit to Amsterdam, the so-called Venice of the North. Numerous tourist attractions, the best-known of which are perhaps the Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh Museum and, of course, the world-famous waxwork museum, Madame Tussaud´s, make the capital city of the Netherlands into a magnet for tourists.

Rotterdam is not just of interest due to its position as Europe's largest seaport. The city, associated with the name Erasmus of Rotterdam, also celebrates art and culture. You will also be delighted by the variety of restaurants, theatres and museums. Worthy of additional mention is the 185 m-high Euromast close to the Maas tunnel.

If your Schelde River Cruise should take you to the Belgian city of Ghent, you will have the feeling of being taken back in time. Ghent is a city where the historical building style is ubiquitous: small, quaint little alleyways, ancient guild halls and warehouses nestle cheek-by-jowl with palaces and churches such as the cathedral of St. Bavo, with its central nave and two aisles.

The Belgian port city of Antwerp is the world centre of the diamond trade, but art and culture are also to be found here wherever you look — due in no small part to the many famous painters Antwerp has produced, including, for example, Rubens. Take a stroll around the port - one of the world's largest - or visit the famous 16th century City Hall.

The Schelde River Cruise - a journey between city and nature

The Schelde River Cruise will give you the opportunity to explore the wonderful natural landscapes of the Low Countries. Fascinating flora and fauna and impressive monuments from bygone ages are all on the itinerary.



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