Brahmaputra River Cruises - a voyage on holy water

Whether you prefer adventure, exploration, culture or nature - the Brahmaputra River Cruise has something for everyone, perfectly complemented by a homely atmosphere and the very best levels of service on the comfortable riverboats.

The Brahmaputra River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Brahmaputra flows through three Asian countries: China, India and Bangladesh. It rises at the Jêmayangzom Tibetan glacier close to Mount Kailash and, after a journey of some 2896 km, discharges into the northern part of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal. The best time for a Brahmaputra River Cruise is in the months of October to April.

Brahmaputra River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

Guwahati, with its mighty Kamakhya temple, is one of the largest cities in north-east India, a place of pilgrimage for many. The Assam State Museum provides information about the history of India.

In Ashuakalanta there is the opportunity to discover the Peacock Island with its mystic temple.

The Brahmaputra River Cruise offers a wealth of exciting moments, particularly when animals such as golden langur monkeys, tigers or rhinoceroses come into view or when little villages give visitors a close-up opportunity to see Indian life.

A particular highlight is the Orang National park, a natural paradise where you can ride on an elephant's back or go on a jeep safari.

If your Brahmaputra River Cruise should happen to take you to Nameri, you should definitely take the opportunity to visit the Nameri National Park with its diversity of plant and animal life.

The itinerary of the Brahmaputra River Cruise also includes Silghat. This is home to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site of the Kaziranga National Park and the entrancing butterfly forest - both of which you really have to see.

The Brahmaputra River Cruise - the unforgettable adventure that is India

Discover the mysterious world of Hinduism: mystic temples, tea plantations and and the scent of coriander and cardamom. The Brahmaputra River Cruise is a unique experience.



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