East Asia

East Asia

East Asian Cruises - in the footsteps of the Buddha

Enter into the fascinating realm of mystic temples and exotic landscapes, a realm of peace and equanimity, which is also home to pulsating metropolises. Go on an East Asian cruise and experience an unforgettable blend of tradition and modernity.

The East Asian Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

East Asia is bounded by both the China Sea and the sea of Japan and includes the People's Republic of China with Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, North and South Korea and Japan. The best time for an East Asian Cruise is in the spring and autumn months.

East Asian Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

'Jou san' - this is most probably how you will be greeted in Cantonese in China's port city of Hong Kong. The synthesis of European and Asian cultures makes the city a real highlight on an East Asian Cruise. Take refuge from the big-city hurly-burly in the miniature paradise of the Hong Kong Park. The Chinese city of Shanghai, with its shopping street "Nanjing Lu", is a veritable paradise for lovers of shopping. This lively street takes you directly to the Bund of Shanghai: the riverside promenade, at around 1 1/2 kilometres in length, is the city's principal landmark. The East Asian Cruise then continues to South Korea's second-largest city, Busan, which is known for its idyllic beaches. There is also a broad spectrum of cultural sites for visitors. For example, you should pass up no opportunity to visit Korea's largest Buddhist temple, the "Beomeosa Temple". The South Korean capital, Seoul, is a metropolis of art and culture. The imposing palaces of "Gyeongbokgung" und "Deoksugung" convey impressions of a bygone age. An important port of call on an East Asian Cruise is, of course, the city of Hiroshima in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The ruins of the former Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, bear witness to the dramatic events which unfolded in 1945 when the first atomic bomb in history was dropped on the city. The Japanese city of Osaka is famous for its almost limitless diversity of shopping and culinary possibilities. The grandiose Osaka Castle, which covers an area of around one square kilometre on two raised platforms, gives the visitor historical access to the phase of Japanese unification in the 16th century.

The East Asian Cruise - a voyage of contrasts

The East Asian Cruise - a voyage for explorers and those looking for recreation alike, offering access to a mystic realm with a culture going back a thousand years. Experience an adventure rich in contrasts that you are unlikely ever to forget.



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