Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean cruises - halfway round the world

The hiss of the waves, the crystal-clear water and the deep dark green of nature.
Sprawling metropolises and old farming traditions. The spirit of adventure and high-quality rest and recuperation. These are just some of the numerous aspects of a cruise in the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean Cruise - where it takes place and the best time to go

With a depth of up to around 8047 m and an area of some 74.9 million sq km, the Indian Ocean is the world's third largest. It is delimited by the Australian, Asian, African and Antarctic continents.

Indian Ocean Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

The Australian city of Melbourne is an important port of call on the Indian Ocean Cruise. The colourful mix of people from more than 140 nations makes this city a particular highlight. Both here and in Sydney, arts and culture are held in high esteem, as can be seen in the numerous galleries, cultural centres and theatres, such as, for example, the famous Sydney Opera House. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is also not be missed on an Indian Ocean cruise. Of particular charm is the old town with its buildings bearing witness to an earlier Dutch epoch, and the large Merdeka Square, home to the 140 m high national monument, from the top of which you get a fantastic view. It's then on to the spice island of Sri Lanka. In the capital city,Colombo, you will find a veritable melting pot of western and eastern influences. The National Museum, now the seat of government, the Parliament Building and the Dutch Period Museum all offer a way in to the fascinating history of Sri Lanka. Take the opportunity of a cruise through the Indian Ocean to visit the economic hub of India, Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. No sooner do you arrive at the port than you are confronted by the symbol of the city: the gigantic ceremonial arch, the Gateway of India. A cultural highlight comes in the form of the cave temples of Elephanta, which date from the 7th century AD and have been declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Calling in to the Seychelles will give you time to relax. A dream composed of tropical nature, white sand and the gentle hissing of waves makes it easy just to let go of stress and strain.Victoria, capital of the principal island of Mahé, with its numerous boutiques and eccentric shops, invites the visitor to stroll around. A further very popular destination of the Indian Ocean Cruise is South Africa with one of its largest cities - Port Elizabeth. Here too, the majestic white sandy beaches and fascinating natural scenery beckon to the visitor. A particular highlight is the Addo Elephant Park, which was created in 1931 to protect the Addo elephants.

The Indian Ocean Cruise - a voyage of diversity

A cruise through the Indian Ocean is much more than just a holiday. It is incomparable in the way that it blends a wide diversity of cultures with adventure and relaxation in a perfect symphony.



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