Greenland Cruises - welcome to the eternal ice

Endless expanses, ice-blue glaciers, majestic fjords and a fascinating world of animals - all this and more awaits you on a Greenland Cruise. Experience the magic of the eternal ice...

The Greenland Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The world's largest island is about six times the size of Germany. Geographically speaking it belongs to North America, politically it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland is delimited by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Greenland and Irminger seas to the east and the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay to the west. The best time for a

Greenland cruise is between June and October.

Greenland Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

Go on a Greenland Cruise and discover one of the country's most beautiful spots: Qaqortoq. Head to the market square to find Greenland's oldest fountain and the Vor Frelser Kirke church from 1832.

The cruise then heads off to Igaliku, formerly the seat of a bishopric.

From here you get to Uunartoq, where the warm springs are a real highlight.

Some Greenland Cruises will take you to the capital city,Nuuk. This is a meeting place of tradition and modernity. You might want to go the Katuaq house of culture or take part in an adventurous whale safari.

In Ilulisat nature lovers will feel their pulses quicken: the village is picturesquely situated at the mouth of the spectacular, roughly 40 kilometre-long Sermeq Kujalleq fjord. Why not explore this by boat or take part in a Sermermiut hike?

Take part in a Greenland Cruise and get to know the town of Kangerlussuaq.

This provincial town lies on the 160 km long fjord of the same name, which is navigable using special vehicles as far as the inland ice. Additional highlights here are the musk ox safari or a trip on a dog sled.

The Greenland Cruise - a journey to a fascinating world

Be captivated by the sparkling beauty of the Greenland ice world. Unforgettable and incomparable moments await you on this special journey. It doesn't matter if you are an explorer, an adventurer, or a lover of nature or animals: the Greenland Cruise has something for everyone.



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