Cruise tips

Cruise, like any other journey, should be thoroughly prepared. You must interview your relatives, study the handouts and watch the travel TV channels, as well as study the Internet.

And here the portal may be more useful than family and handouts. Experts of the portal sift useful information through a sieve of critical analysis. Thus, the portal users get a clear idea what they can expect on a cruise in the Mediterranean, sea voyage on the Baltic Sea or any other cruise travel.

What documents to take? How to book an optional excursion to the port? How to choose a cruise company? What is not included in the cruise price? How to save money on self-preparation of the cruise route? Answers on these and many other questions that would normally excite travelers are available in this rubric.

Cruise is a very special kind of travel. Thus, when booking the hotel room it is enough to know the prices, photos and basic services, in the case of self- preparation tourists have to use all of their analytical potential.

For example, there are dozens, or even hundreds of all inclusive cruises varieties. Almost every cruise line has its own rules and conditions, which do not always allow to understand what really this all inclusive means. In one case, expensive alcohol is paid by the tourist separately. In the other will be available free soft drinks in the cabin. The third will allow the passenger to enjoy free bar. Swimming pools, fitness centers and health care - when you book all inclusive cruises you should always specify the list of free services.

When ordering a cruise, it is will be useful to know that often excursions in the ports are paid separately. For many this fact is yet a great surprise.

Port charges, customs fees - the mechanism of paying should also be clarified in advance.

The quality of cruise vacation depends not only on the cruise company and the level of comfort on the liner, but also from the fellow travelers. Today in the world there are hundreds of cruise lines that focus on specific categories of tourists: by nationality, age, and even profession. Therefore, when choosing a cruise, check the reputation of the route to avoid noisy drunken students or vice versa, not get into a quiet pool of monotonous entertainment for pensioners.

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Riviera will start its first Caribbean cruise in Miami
Riviera, which is the newest ship of the Oceania Cruises company, will depart for the first winter cruise from Miami on November 29, 2012.


More cruises in Northern Europe
It is expected that 2012 will be one of the most successful season in the modern history of the cruise traveling for the Northern Europe region. The European Cruise Council (ECC) has estimated that the number of passengers in the current season will increase by 16% compared with 2011 and reach 1 million 490 thousand people.


Norwegian: free cruises for children
Norwegian Cruise Line, the third-largest cruise company in the world, announced a special offer – “Kids Sail Free”. As part of the offer potential customers will be able to book on favorable terms cabins on the cruise ships for themselves and their children – the third and fourth beds in the cabin for the children under 17 years can be booked for free.