Main-Danube Canal

Main-Danube Canal

Main-Danube River Cruises - in the heart of Germany

The idea of joining the Main and Danube rivers may be an old one, going back more than 1200 years, but it was only in 1992 that the Main-Danube Canal was finally opened. Since then it has been an important shipping waterway, both for the transport of goods and for tourism, because it is this canal which has opened up a navigable route from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

The Main-Danube Canal Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The 171 km-long Main-Danube Canal flows through the state of Bavaria. It connects the Main at Bamberg with the Danube close to Kelheim. The best time for a Main-Danube Canal Cruise is in the months of May to September.

Main-Danube Canal Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

The Main-Danube Canal leaves the River Main close to Bamberg. This university city boasts a unique historic city centre which is on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list. A host of historic buildings, such as the cathedral, define this inimitable cityscape and are all worth visiting. A hallmark of this city is the broad spectrum of cultural creativity in the fields of music, art and theatre: the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and the International house of the arts, the Villa Concordia, both bear witness to this.

From Bamberg the Main-Danube Canal flows to Forchheim. This town is just about as old as the idea of the canal itself. An old royal town, relics of Forchheim's colourful history abound and include the 16th century town hall and the church of St. Martin.

Nuremberg is one of the most famous cities on a Main-Danube Canal cruise and can be reached from the canal via Pegnitz. From gingerbread to sausage and high-quality toys - Nuremberg is known for many things. It is a city with a history that has been eventful in every respect: Nuremberg was where the first German railway was built, the infamous Nuremberg Rallies took place here, and here too the Golden Bull decree was issued. All of this has of course left traces behind, which can be followed in the numerous museums and the very fabric of the city. Present-day Nuremberg, however, is a city which stands out due to its abundance of culture, art, sport and craftsmanship. The imposing State Theatre, Nuremberg Castle and the Albrecht Dürer House are just some of the many interesting buildings which testify to this.

Hilpoltstein is also one of the destinations on a Main-Danube Canal Cruise. This is a settlement with town privileges and a medieval influence, home to a quarter for the aristocracy and the castle area. These districts are ideal for exploring the city on foot.

At the other end of the Main-Danube Canal, lies the town of Kelheim. Apart from the historic old town, the Hall of Liberation on the Michelsberg and the Donaudurchbruch, where the Danube breaks through the Jurassic limestone between bizarrely shaped rock faces, are worth a visit.

The Main-Danube Canal Cruise - an unforgettable journey

The Main-Danube Canal doesn't just connect two important rivers - it also helps string together a whole series of interesting tourist destinations, which include not just important German landscapes but also the country's past and present. Discover Germany!



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