RhĂ´ne River Cruises - a voyage through the heart of France

The RhĂ´ne River Cruise will bring you close to the picturesque natural beauty, impressive culture and charm of France. You will experience a European landscape which is a treasure trove brimming with cultural masterpieces, many of which go back to the Romans. The river banks are fringed with fields of sunflowers, ancient olive groves and historical Roman cities, which stand to this day as mute witnesses to a bygone culture. The finishing touch to the RhĂ´ne River Cruise is given by first-class comfort and the very best levels of service in a homely atmosphere on board specially built riverboats.

The RhĂ´ne River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The River RhĂ´ne rises from the RhĂ´ne glacier in Switzerland and, after a journey of 812 km through France, flows into the Mediterranean. The best time for a RhĂ´ne River Cruise is in the months of April through to October

RhĂ´ne River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

No Rhône River Cruise would be complete without a visit to the entrancing city of Lyon — France's third largest city. A stroll through the old city of "Vieux Lyon" will be like a journey back in time. From the imposing basilica of Notre-Dame-de-Fourviere you will have a breathtaking view of the city.
Avignon in the southern region of Provence is home to an impressive landmark: the gigantic Papal Palace. The famous bridge, the Pont d'Avignon, built in the year 1177, is also worthy of note.
If your Rhône River Cruise should take you to Arles, you will experience a small, lively city with a large number of historic monuments. Whatever your interests, we recommend visits to the amphitheatre and the grandiose Église St-Trophime.
Viviers shows medieval influences, and its Roman bridge, chapel of Saint Hostian and many other monuments give insights into its history. From here you can also visit the famous gorges of Ardèche.

The RhĂ´ne River Cruise - a journey back in time

On a RhĂ´ne River Cruise you can experience all the charms of France: lush vineyards, impressive cities and the scent of lavender. Why not go on a journey of a special kind?



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