Moselle River Cruises - the romance of the Moselle and nature at its purest

A journey along the Moselle will give you an opportunity to experience Germany's most charming river landscapes. The river's many winds and loops mean that each curve reveals a new, entrancing view of a breathtaking river landscape. Added to this are the very best levels of service and comfort on board the homely riverboats. Just jump on…

The Moselle River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Moselle flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany. It rises at Col de Bussang in the Vosges and flows into the Rhine at Koblenz about 544 km later. The best time to travel is in the months of May through to September.

Moselle River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

Travelling along the river through the vineyards of Rhineland Palatinate you will pass picturesque half-timbered villages, and old castles and ruined fortifications which cling to the steep rocky landscape and offer unique views of the river valley
Wine-growing with its long tradition is characteristic of the Moselle landscape. On your cruise ship you can treat yourself to a glass of Moselle wine as the famous wine-growing villages and vineyards glide by.
The charming French city of Metz is on the Moselle cruise agenda. You shouldn't miss the quaint city centre with its impressive cathedral of Saint-Étienne de Metz and numerous other historic monuments.
Thionville is also a city worth seeing. The Musée du Pays Thionvillois gives information about long gone eras. Some other buildings, such as the Old Castle of Volkrange, also bring history to life.
If your Moselle cruise should happen to take you to the Luxembourgeois winegrowing village of Schengen, you will get to know the landmarks of the village: the church and the castle. However, the traditional village idyll is inspiring in itself.
The panorama of the town of Cochem is best known for its fascinating imperial fortress from the first half of the 12th century.
The marketplace in Bernkastel and the bridge gate with art nouveau elements in Traben-Trarbach are other significant destinations on this unique journey.
A particular highlight is the loop in the Moselle at Bremm. As is revealed by the view from the lookout point, the Moselle winds past the vineyard in a loop.

On the way to Trier you will pass breathtaking landscapes, mighty vineyards, gaping gorges and meadows teeming with flowers. Trier is Germany's oldest city and awaits you with historic monuments such as the famous Porta Nigra or the Imperial Baths. Trier's cathedral of St. Peter and Monaise Castle are also worthy of mention.
At the end of your journey on the Moselle cruise ship you will come to beautiful Koblenz at the "Deutsches Eck". The synagogue and the Tahir mosque are worth a visit.

The Moselle River Cruise - experience the wealth of traditional culture

The Moselle is synonymous with perfect relaxation, recreation and the delights of wine-growing, all in one of the most romantic German destinations to which a riverboat can take you. The experiences on this journey will entrance you.



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