Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises - where East meets West

Head off on a Mediterranean cruise and discover just what it is which makes the eastern Mediterranean such a special place: allow yourself to fall for the oriental flair of Turkey or the myths and gods of Greece. Two of the particular characteristics of the eastern Mediterranean are the extraordinary hospitality you will find there and the warm, stable climate.

The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The body of water known in Arabic as the White Sea extends over an area of some 2.5 million sq km and is up to 5267 m deep. To the west it is connected to the Atlantic by the Strait of Gibraltar, to the east it runs into the Black Sea, and to the south-east, the Suez Canal connects it to the Red Sea. The best time for a Mediterranean Cruise is between May and September.

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

Take a Mediterranean Cruise to discover, for example, the Mediterranean's third largest port, Piraeus, and gain for yourself an impression of its 2000 year history.
The landscape is characterised by brightly coloured lemon plantations and fairytale cypress forests. Allow yourself to be impressed by the mighty Taurus mountains which surround the Turkish provincial capital of Antalya. With its 38 m high Yivli minaret, the symbol of the city, and the Hidirlik tower, which rises up above the Marina, the modern-day city has many tokens of its past.
Some of the eastern Mediterranean cruises will take you in the footsteps of Cleopatra, to Alexandria in Egypt. Here you can see the Nile at its most magical: for example, by taking a night-time boat trip. One of the most remarkable highlights here is the largest Roman excavation site in Egypt, the catacombs of Ash-Shuqqafa. Tripoli, the capital city of Libya, is also a very popular tourist destination for eastern Mediterranean cruises. It is the centre of trade and manufacturing industry in Libya. With its crooked alleyways, redolent of the Orient, the old town invites the holidaymaker to stroll around and provides interesting insights into the city's history

The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise - an unforgettable journey

Huge numbers of cruise ship operators offer a rich variety of eastern Mediterranean cruises, making it possible also for those new to cruising to find the right holiday. You too can experience the fascination of the eastern Mediterranean and immerse yourself in a world where the ancient civilisations of the West and the Orient come together.



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