Vltava River Cruises - a voyage through the heart of the Czech Republic

When Czech composer Bedřich Smetana wrote his famous musical work, "Vltava", in 1874, he was creating a fitting monument to the Czech Republic's most fascinating river. A Vltava River Cruise through "Böhmens Hain und Flur" ("the groves and farmlands of Bohemia", taken from Smetana's text) is as multifaceted as a symphonic poem...

The Vltava River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The 440 km-long river Vltava is the longest and highest-volume river in the Czech Republic. It flows through the western part of the country and is fed by three source rivers: the so-called Cold Vltava and Grassy Vltava (both of which rise in the Bohemian Forest) and the Warm Vltava (which rises in the Bavarian Forest). It finally discharges into the Elbe at Mělník in central Bohemia. The Vltava is however only navigable from Prague, with the result that a cruise on the Vltava is often undertaken in combination with an Elbe Cruise. The best time for a Vltava River Cruise is in the months of May to September.

Vltava River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

The principal destination of a Vltava River Cruise is Prague, the Golden City. A length of 30 km of the Vltava is contained within the Czech capital, meaning that from the river you get peerless impressions of the city with an excellent overview. Prague boasts numerous famous sights, including Prague Castle on the Hradschin, the Charles Bridge and the astronomic clock. It is not for nothing that the historic centre of Prague has been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. The old city of Prague is defined by old houses built in the Gothic and Romanesque styles and narrow lanes frequented by excellent street musicians. Why not take a walk in the footsteps of Dvořák and Kafka? The district of Troja is also home to the 17th century Troja Castle, which is well worth a visit.
Melník lies at the other end of the navigable stretch of the Vltava. Highlights of the visit include Melník Castle and the market place. Close to Melník is the small town of Horín, which is a destination on some Vltava River Cruises.

The Vltava River Cruise- an unforgettable journey

Experience the landscape of the Czech Republic and the historic culture of Czech cities. A Vltava River Cruise is an experience for everyone...



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