Göta Canal

Göta Canal

Göta Canal River Cruises - discover Sweden

Whether you are a lover of nature or culture, a globetrotter, or someone just looking for rest and recreation - the Göta Canal Cruise has something for everyone. Discover Sweden in a quite extraordinary way!

The Göta Canal Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

Götaland is the southernmost part of mainland Sweden. And it is through this part of Sweden that the 190 km-long Göta Canal flows. 58 locks are used on this stretch to compensate for a height difference of more than 90 m. The Göta Canal flows through Lake Roxen, Lake Väner and Lake Vättern. The best time for a Göta Canal Cruise is between the months of May and September.

Göta Canal Cruises - towns and tourist attractions

Many of the routes on a Göta Canal Cruise begin or end in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. This city, the residence of the Swedish Royal couple, was built on 14 islands which are connected with one another by means of 53 bridges. This metropolis will captivate you with its liveliness and diversity of cultural treasures. Imposing palaces from the time when Sweden was a great power, for example the "Ritterhaus" or the "Bondesche Palais", among others, are worthy of mention. We recommend a stroll through the old town with its medieval influences, for no other reason than simply to enjoy life.

Motala is the home of the Vreta monastery, located to the west of Lake Roxen, which gives insights into bygone ages.

When you are crossing Lake Vänern you have the opportunity to get to know one of the country's most beautiful Baroque castles, Läckö Castle. In Vadstena, the principal town of the parish of the same name by Lake Vättern, the medieval ambience will captivate you. The townscape is defined in particular by the remains of the Brigittine monastery and the Wasaburg.


At the other end of a Göta Canal Cruise, Sweden's second largest metropolis, Gothenburg is often on the agenda. The city's impressive artistic and cultural treasures include, for example, in the Haga district, the coffee house culture for which Gothenburg is renowned and the city's landmark, the statue of Poseidon.

The Göta Canal Cruise - discover Sweden

Whether you are looking for breathtaking natural scenery with lush forests, glittering lakes and endless coastline, or interesting modern cities - you will get to know an important part of Sweden on an unforgettable Göta Canal Cruise.



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