Oder River Cruises - discover the North

The Oder River Cruise is a fascinating experience of a special kind. The highly diverse faces of Germany and Poland will leave behind unforgettable impressions...

The Oder River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Oder flows through three countries: Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. It rises at Lieselberg in the Oder Mountains and discharges after a journey of around 866 km into the Baltic sea at the Stettiner Haff. The best time for an Oder River Cruise is in the months from June to September.

Oder River Cruises - cities and tourist attractions

The small city of Frankfurt an der Oder in the state of Brandenburg, which lies on the border with Poland, is on the itinerary of the Oder River Cruise. Surrounded by evergreen forests, this city offers a wide variety of leisure pursuits for both young and old, including, for example, the picturesque Helenesee and the wildlife park. Of cultural interest is, among other things, a visit to the Church of St Mary.

Schwedt an der Oder is home to an interesting moraine landscape, a relic of the ice age, and the Lower Oder Valley National Park. Also worth visiting are the former hunting castle of "Monplaisir" and the Schwedt City Museum.

If your Oder River Cruise should take you to Poland, you will have an opportunity to gets to know one of the largest seaports in the Baltic, Szczecin. In the summer, the interesting Renaissance-style castle of the Dukes of Pomerania forms the backdrop to open-air concerts. Also worthy of mention is the Haken terrace, a road which runs along the bank high above the river.

The Polish city of Wrocław (in German: Breslau) stands out due to its unusual method of construction. Built on 12 islands, connected by 112 bridges, it is often described as the Venice of Poland. Furthermore, it is home to numerous artistic and cultural treasures such as the city's principal landmark, the cathedral of Wrocław. The 18th-century former royal palace of Frederick II is also worthy of note.

The Oder River Cruise - nature and culture

From fantastic natural scenery as far as the eye can see, to villages steeped in history and impressive cultural monuments - the Oder River Cruise has a great deal to offer...



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