Mini cruise in Greece
Mini cruise in Greece

Mini cruises

Mini cruises are voyages, which usually last not more than 3-4 days. In the US they are called weekend cruises as most of them are organized on the weekends. In Europe mini-cruises were previously used as an additional transport link mainly between the cities of Scandinavia and Northern Europe and only recently began to be considered as separate sea travels.

Mini-cruises are served by river ships, small cruise ships and ferries. For example, one of the most popular mini-cruises in Germany is Kiel-Oslo from the ferry company Color Line AS. Especially for this route was reequipped a large comfortable ferry Color Magic, which takes away passengers for 3 days to the restrained carelessness of the North Sea.

Fjords are the main charm of Norway. Only here today you can book the most exciting mini-cruises in the world. Whether it's a ferry boat or a ship the rugged Norwegian coastline, you wouldn’t be bored during the cruise.

Port of Amsterdam is one of the leaders on the mini-cruise market. Dozens of ships depart daily for short voyages to the European cities. The most popular cruises are organized to the British ports, such as Amsterdam-Newcastle, which also takes 3 days.

The most popular Russian mini-cruise port is St. Petersburg. At one time 3-day cruises Helsinki-St Petersburg-Helsinki were known throughout the former USSR as "vodka cruises". Tired after the working week Finns came for cheap alcohol to the city on the Neva, hanged out and traveled back. Today cruise has changed the direction. But modern St. Petersburg-Helsinki-St Petersburg cruise is more informative than shopping. In particular, it is served by the Princess Maria ferry.

Mini-cruises to Luxor are one of the popular Egyptian directions. Those, who are tired of predatory fish near the Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh beaches, have an excellent opportunity to diversify leisure by the fascinating and at the same time short cruise on the Nile. During three days it will be possible to see tombs and pharaohs and appreciate the power of the largest river on the planet.

The most fascinating Mediterranean mini-cruises are organized to the islands. Here the main starting point is Malta and its port La Valletta, from which every summer depart 3-day cruises to Sicily and southern coast of Italy.

Photo: Marcus Lenk



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