Cruise accomodation
Cruise accomodation

Cruise accomodation

Accommodation on a cruise: features of choosing the cabins. How to choose a cabin on the ship? What are the different types of cabins?

Comfortable cabin is the key to successful cruise. Make the right choice of cabin is not an easy task. Every year in the world appear more and more cruise ships and every year accommodation classification system on board get new characteristics and features.

Cruise cabins: liners are the same as hotels

In some cases types of cabins repeat hotel room classes. So, many ships, especially large companies, have their own deluxe rooms and suites. Also, there are economy-class cabins. At the same time accommodation on ship and in hotel are very different things.

Choosing a cabin: what is the most important?

For example, as for the method of choosing cabins, here not only view from the window and space are important. One of the key factors is the cabin location, which is chosen by the vertical line (on which deck) and horizontal (center, near the stern and so on). If it is a big liner, among the important factors of choosing a cabin are proximity to the elevator, children entertainment, swimming pools, restaurants and clubs. Not all companies have good noise insulation system, so proximity to the crowded places may be uncomfortable and it should be taken into account when booking a cruise.

Cruise accommodation prices

The more expensive the cabin is, the more preferences on the board its guest has. For deluxe and suite passengers cruise companies often offer special bonuses ranging from a special cruise deposit to some advantages when boarding and disembarking.

Cruise accommodation standards

Depending on the type of ship or the company status, a basic set of amenities in the cabins can be different. Among default features are TV and telephone in the room, service menu, which on many modern liners is displayed on the TV, as well as basic information about the ports. Some companies may offer to its guests bathrobes in the cabins. Toiletries are also the default option.

All inclusive cruises: What is included?

The number and quality of services on "all inclusive" cruises also depends on the company. In one case every day there will be fruits and desserts in the rooms, while in the other may be offered mini-bar, in the third spa and massage services. It should be noted that every liner can offer drinks and other refreshments in the cabins, but often they should be paid separately. You should better ask the steward whether it is free.

In this section you will find tips and recommendations on choosing cabins, as well as description of the most spread types of cabins.

Types of cruise cabins
Cruise ship cabins are usually divided into the following main categories: - Inside cabin - Ocean view - Cabin with balcony...



Riviera will start its first Caribbean cruise in Miami
Riviera, which is the newest ship of the Oceania Cruises company, will depart for the first winter cruise from Miami on November 29, 2012.


More cruises in Northern Europe
It is expected that 2012 will be one of the most successful season in the modern history of the cruise traveling for the Northern Europe region. The European Cruise Council (ECC) has estimated that the number of passengers in the current season will increase by 16% compared with 2011 and reach 1 million 490 thousand people.


Norwegian: free cruises for children
Norwegian Cruise Line, the third-largest cruise company in the world, announced a special offer – “Kids Sail Free”. As part of the offer potential customers will be able to book on favorable terms cabins on the cruise ships for themselves and their children – the third and fourth beds in the cabin for the children under 17 years can be booked for free.