Photos of Düsseldorf cruises
Photos of Düsseldorf cruises

Photos of Düsseldorf cruises

Dusseldorf is a key river port for cruises on the Rhine. This city is one of the most important urban centers of Germany, the German capital of fashion and high technology. Passengers of the cruise ships in Dusseldorf can also be interested in its historical part Altstadt, which is known as the "the longest bar in the world".

And at the same time, Dusseldorf is an event city. At any time of year here you can find a large number of events, whether it's an architectural exhibition, Eurovision song contest, fashion festival or "the longest bar in the world." Either way, all roads in Dusseldorf lead to this place.

One of the main attractions in Düsseldorf is located directly near the cruise pier in the city center. It is the old Rhine Tower. During the city tour all guides must show the tourists at least three streets - Ratingenstrasse, Bolkerstrasse and Flingerstrasse. If a guide misses any of these streets, passengers can rightfully prepare a petition for his dismissal.

Dusseldorf is a city of high culture. In the Old City in addition to a variety of drinking facilities there are a number of museums symbolic for all Germans the Museum of Heinrich Heine and the Goethe Museum.

During a cruise on the Rhine it is difficult to miss one of the Dusseldorf attractions - TV tower, as well as district of dancing houses located right on the waterfront.

Only the most stiffed ulcer patient can avoid bars in Dusseldorf. In other cases it is strongly recommended to visit at least one of them to understand the spirit of Dusseldorf - a cheerful, democratic, multi-faceted city, which welcomes everyone. People in Dusseldorf love beer and know how to brew it. But one of numerous local bars stands alone - Uerige. Here is brewed beer, which differs from the widespread in Westphalia "Alt" by its special recipe. "Everything else is Alt" is the slogan of the Uerige bar, which once again highlights a special 500-year recipe.

In this section will be published photos of the ships on the waterfront of the Dusseldorf river ports, as well as Dusseldorf landscapes shot by its residents.


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