Photos of Amsterdam cruise port
Photos of Amsterdam cruise port

Photos of Amsterdam cruise port

Photos of Amsterdam canals, river cruise ships in Amsterdam and small pleasure boats, trips on which are an integral part of exploring the capital of Holland.

Amsterdam city was lucky to become not only a port for sea cruises. Many European river cruise routes start and finish in Amsterdam. River port located a few minutes walk from the central railway station of the Dutch capital is a place, where many river steamers start their trips. Travels begin at the entrance of the Prinsengracht canal - one of the four main canals in Amsterdam. Here are located piers for large river vessels.

Amsterdam: port of call, stop and start for cruises on the Rhine

In the center of Amsterdam is located the starting point, the point of arrival, as well as an intermediate port for many cruise companies offering river cruises on the Rhine. Most of them are German. These are such companies as TUI, the German leader of river travels Viking River Cruises and A-Rosa.

Amsterdam banks

It will take several simple steps to explore Amsterdam during the river cruise. Tourists can see the city from a small cutter. Excursion cutters depart from the pier on the opposite side of the central railway station. Due to high competition the price of a boat tour in Amsterdam is quite cheap for Europe – 5-10 euros per hour depending on the route. Some cruise operators, such as TUI, offer their own channel tours. Classic route along the Amsterdam canals: the port of Amsterdam (in the past - piers for river cruises) and then tour along the Prinsengracht canal around the historic city center. After the canal excursion tourists have the opportunity to easily explore key attractions of Amsterdam - Anne Frank House, the famous Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums.

Cruises from Amsterdam

River cruises from Amsterdam, first of all, mean trips on the Rhine, which can be finished in Switzerland, but could go further and turn the Rhine-Main-Danube cruise. There are also special offers for cruises leading right to the Black Sea.


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