Photos of Passau and the Danube
Photos of Passau and the Danube

Photos of Passau and the Danube

Passau is the main cruise port, where start nearly all German river cruises on the Danube.

Port of Passau and its famous Danube promenade are the place, where start dozens of the most famous river cruises in Europe. Passau shows one of the most striking examples of prosperity in an era of booming cruise industry - from an obscure Bavarian backwater it managed to become one of the leading tourism destinations in Germany.

Each year Passau receives over 200 000 people, who want to start here their long-lasting cruises on the Danube. For Passau cruises is a business guaranteeing prosperity and glory to this city.

In Passau are presented practically all the leading cruise companies in the world. Photos of the Passau port can be found in collections of every self-respecting cruise traveler. In this section of the site users are offered Passau photos, photos of the famous Donaulende promenade, as well as photographs of the river cruise ships, which are an integral part of Passau, the same as pyramids for Egypt.

Passau is located at the confluence of three rivers: Danube, Inn and Ilz in the southern part of Bavaria. Each river has its own color of water. So, Inn, which has its rise in the Alps, is green, Danube is black, while marshy Ilz sources paint its waters in blue color.

Passau is located a few kilometers from the Austrian border. So, people starting here their cruise on the Danube have the opportunity to study cultural and mental differences of Bavarians and Austrians in a couple of hours.

One of the city symbols and its alter ego postcard is a castle with the Ilz river at the foot. Among the other attractions of the Bavarian town is the residence of the local bishop, Lamberg Palace and the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The high banks of the Danube near Passau form another exciting element, which gives a lot of impressions for cruise lines’ passengers.

Photos of Passau, which are published in this section, belong to Dago and Sabine Vidamann. They made a cruise on the Danube in 2010. The impressions were so bright that it was impossible to hide it under the pillow or in a stuffy photo album. Photo tour to Passau from Dago and Sabina Vidamann is offered in this section of the portal.


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