Photos of Salvador da Bahia port
Photos of Salvador da Bahia port

Photos of Salvador da Bahia port

For the majority of cruises along the coast of Brazil visiting of the Salvador de Bahia port is part of the obligatory route. Salvador de Bahia is the former Brazilian capital, a picturesque town situated on several mountain levels, surrounded by lush tropics and one of the most photogenic port cities of Brazil.

The cruise port of Salvador de Bahia is located in the so-called lower city (Cidade Baixa). Here tourist can see a picturesque panorama of the ancient city walls, towers and churches. Cruise trips to the port of Salvador de Bahia usually include onshore excursions, where all passengers have the opportunity to refill their photo collection of the legendary Brazilian city in the center of the Bahia region. Salvador de Bahia is also very musical city. So, a significant part of its atmosphere - sound - unfortunately, can not be reproduced on pictures.

This city is considered to be the birthplace of capoeira, a famous dance, which is also a kind of martial arts.

Salvador de Bahia is also homeland of one of the most famous Brazilian bands, Olodum, which performs traditional fiery Brazilian music.

The main attraction, which is shown to the tourists during the cruises to Salvador de Bahia, is Pelourinho slave market. During the Portuguese rule in through this market passed 5 million slaves. Today Pelourinho is included into the UNESCO World Architectural Heritage List.

Another object adjacent to the port that attracts amateur photographers is a former fish market and fishing port, where small private boats offer mini-tours along the coast and the famous Bahia beaches.

Cruise season in Salvador de Bahia begins in winter. At this time here arrive many mega liners, which can usually be found on the Mediterranean routes. In this section you can see photos of cruise ships in the port of Salvador de Bahia, as well as photos of the port itself.


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