Types of cruise cabins
Types of cruise cabins

Types of cruise cabins

Cruise ship cabins are usually divided into the following main categories:

- Inside cabin
- Ocean view
- Cabin with balcony
- Suite
- Deluxe

Cruise cabins: inside cabins

It is the cheapest type of cabins. There is no porthole and it is the smallest type of cabins on board. However, these cabins can be equipped with TV, shower and spacious beds.

Cruise Cabins: ocean view

Cabins with ocean views offer an obvious advantage - window. They are also more spacious than inside cabins. It should be noted that portholes in most ocean view cabins can’t be opened. View cabins are also divided into different classes. Some cruise lines offer several classes of ocean view cabins: cheaper and smaller, larger and more expensive.

Cruise cabins: cabins with balconies

The comfort level in the cabin with balcony allows you to go out of the room and enjoy the fresh breeze. Such cabins are larger in size and better furnished than cabins with ocean views. A balcony in the cabin is a kind of indicator of "basic luxury" on a cruise.

Cruise cabins: suites

Suite is a superior room with additional features like mini-bar, especially spacious bed and special services included in the room rate. Suite can be either with balcony or without it. The suites have a privileged location on the central deck away from noisy places or on the upper decks, where tourists are quieter and their number is smaller.

Cruise cabins: deluxe

Deluxe or luxury suites are the most luxurious cabins on a cruise. It can accommodate a large company or a large family. These rooms have more bedrooms and a guest room. The quality of furnishing depends on the cruise operator. The room can have jacuzzi, sauna, mini-pool or a large terrace with excellent views. These cabins can be serviced by a concierge or even have its own sommelier. But there is no doubt that deluxe cabins are the better on the ship. These cabins are not available on all cruises and their number is often limited.

Cruise cabins: features

The above-mentioned types of cabins are the main. Many companies have their own special cabin classes with specific names and titles. There are also cabins that are not included into any class. For example, cruise operators have cabins with so-called "trash" view. These cabins are usually located in places, where architectural elements of the ship obstruct the sea view. At the same time it may be cabins with ocean views and balconies. The price for such cabins may be reduced. But often the cost depends on the willingness of the cruise company to offer this type of accommodation separately.

The types of beds can also be different. Bunk bed, double bed, large bed, extra beds, beds for disabled people, deck chairs - types of beds are usually written in cabin descriptions.


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