Lena River Cruises - a Siberian adventure

Discover Siberia in a special way: impressions rich in contrast are part and parcel of the experience of a Lena River Cruise, rounded off to perfection by the very best levels of service and comfort on board the homely river boats.

The Lena River Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Lena is one of the world's longest rivers. It flows through the Asiatic part of Russia, Siberia. It rises in the Baikal mountains and discharges after some 4400 km into the Laptev Sea, a marginal sea belonging to the North Polar Sea. The best time for a Lena River Cruise is between June and August.

Lena River Cruise - towns and tourist attractions

One of the destinations on a Lena River Cruise is the city of Yakutsk. In winter this is one of the coldest places on earth. Here you can discover both traditional Siberian life and the region's history, among other ways by visiting the museum of geography.

The legendary Lena Pillars are especially worth climbing due to the breathtaking views from their summit.

The village of Viljui will entrance you with its picturesque facades. Keen anglers will be happy here, as will those just looking for rest and recreation. From here you have the option of going for a walk into the taiga.

If your Lena River Cruise should happen to take you to the Arctic port of Tiksi, you will be able to have a good look round this pristine settlement. Or you can find out more about its history in the local museum.

The gigantic Lena delta, which covers some 32,000 sq. km, is your doorway to the island of Agrafena. At this point you are not far from the northern Arctic Circle.

The trip is rounded off by a visit to fascinating Sottintsy with its memorable "Drushba" open-air museum, which provides an interesting insight into the life of the Yakut people.

The Lena River Cruise - a fascinating journey

Extreme climatic conditions with hot summers and icy winters, pristine nature and valuable resources - all this and much more is on offer on a Lena River Cruise in the country of superlatives!



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