Alaskan Cruises - polar bears and pioneering explorers

Alaska — called "Alyeska" by the locals, which translates as "Big Country" — is a whole new, mysterious world which you can get to know on your Alaskan Cruise.

The Alaskan Cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The USA's 49th state is roughly four times larger than Germany but, with its population of only 670,000, has lots of space for vast open expanses and unspoilt wilderness. It is exactly this which makes an Alaskan Cruise such an unforgettable adventure for all nature lovers. The world's largest exclave borders on Canada to the east, the Bering Strait to the west, the North Polar Sea to the north and the Gulf of Alaska to the south. The best time for an Alaskan cruise is between June and September.

Alaskan Cruises - destinations and tourist attractions

Get to know the home of the original inhabitants of Alaska, the Inuit. A particular attraction is the wide range of unique animal species, which will, with a bit of luck, bring you face to face with whales or sea lions on your Alaskan cruise. Overall, Alaska's Pacific coastline stretches over a distance of around 80,000 kilometres. The highlight of every Alaskan cruise is the 1500 km-long Inside Passage. With its picturesque fjords, ice-blue glaciers and dense forests, it is home to breathtaking scenery. With about 400 species of birds, most notably the bald eagle, along with salmon and whales, it is a veritable paradise for animal species. A special destination on an Alaskan cruise is, of course, the Glacier Bay National Park, created in 1980, which lies close to the state capital of Juneau and has been declared a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. Extending over an area of about 13,287 sq km and four mountain ranges, more than 100 glaciers are to be found here. The highest point in Glacier Bay National Park is Mount Fairweather, at 4663 m. Bears, mountain goats and whales are also indigenous to this area

The Alaskan Cruise - a voyage of a special kind

The Alaskan Cruise - a voyage for discoverers, nature lovers and people looking for that special something. Immerse yourself in the world of adventure of an Alaskan cruise and let those unforgettable moments work their magic.



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