Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera cruises - discovering diversity

Defined by gorgeous landscapes and a wide diversity of animal species, together with a large number of cultural monuments, the Mexican Riviera fascinates nature lovers, sun worshippers and adventurers from across the world.

The Mexican Riviera cruise - where it takes place and when to go

The Mexican Riviera lies to the north of the equator in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. The best time to go on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera is between November and May.

Mexican Riviera cruises - cities and tourist attractions

Discover the city of San Diego in California, with its world-famous zoo and historical city district of Gaslamp Quarter. If you're interested in recreation, the city's "green lung", Balboa Park, or the Japanese Tea Garden will be just the thing.
A particular highlight of the cruise through the Mexican Riviera is the metropolis of the film industry, Los Angeles. An absolute must here is, of course, the Walk of Fame, with its brass stars set in the ground in honour of the great luminaries of film.
The cruise then continues through the Mexican Riviera to Mexico. The fabulous beaches of Cabo San Lucas deliver high-quality recreation and opportunities to relax. The large number of watersports which can be tried here will also completely fulfil all the dreams of active holidaymakers.
Don't forget one of Mexico's largest seaside resorts, Puerto Vallarta, with its miles of beaches right out of paradise. Scenically, the picturesque fishing village impresses with its dark green forests, mountain ranges stretching into the distance and tropical scenery.
In La Quebrada, close to the famous ocean resort of Acapulco, cliff divers jump from a height of around 40 m into the depths of the Pacific. Go on a voyage of discovery and visit the ruins of the old pyramids of La Campaña or take a stroll through the colonial city of Manzanillo.

The Mexican Riviera cruise - a voyage full of adventure

Whether it's relaxation, adventure or culture you're looking for - cruises through the Mexican Riviera, mainly offered by large American tour operators, have exactly the right blend for each and every traveller and will also give you many unforgettable moments...



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