North Pacific

North Pacific

The North Pacific cruise - spanning the Far East and the landscape of the Arctic

A cruise through the North Pacific is a journey between continents.
Discover the most exciting cultures and countries on this journey of a special kind.

North Pacific Cruises - where they take place and when to go

The Pacific is the world's largest ocean and is bounded to the north by the Arctic, to the North East by North America, to the East by Central America and to the north west by Asia. Depending on cruise itinerary, the best time to go can vary widely. Whereas the winter months are better for a Far East Cruise, when it comes to California the spring and autumn months are to be recommended

The North Pacific Cruise - continents, cities and tourist attractions

Why not start your North Pacific Cruise in the South American country of Ecuador? The capital city, Quito, will charm you with its delightful old town, which was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1978. The hill of El Panecillo, with its enormous statue of the Virgin Mary, offers a fantastic panoramic view.
Depending on the route, your voyage may take you to the North American city of superlatives: San Francisco" in the state ofCalifornia. There you can visit highlights of the city such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the prison island of Alcatraz.
On your North Pacific cruise you can get to know the city of Nome in Alaska, which is renowned for dogsled racing. Nature lovers in particular will be thrilled by the sight of the unique natural scenery here.
A particular highlight for sun worshippers is, among other places, the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Take a stroll down the idyllic harbour of the capital city, Honolulu, or relax on the fine white sandy beach of Waikiki.
Some North Pacific Cruises will take you to Asia. One of China's major cities, Hong Kong, offers an oasis of tranquillity in the form of its Tiger Balm Garden.
Visit the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. This world metropolis will delight you with the natural attraction of Mount Fuji. This volcanic cone, at around 3776 m in height, is Japan's highest mountain.

North Pacific Cruises - spanning different cultures

The North Pacific Cruise is a voyage for adventurers and explorers. Different continents, countries and cultures make this cruise into a real experience; the icing on the cake is provided with by highest levels of comfort and service during the days spent on board.



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